Le Morne Kite School

Le Morne Kite School

Owner: Polina

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Firstly we love to Kiteboard and secondly we love to teach people how to Kiteboard. Le Morne Kite School has one goal and that is to teach our students how to Kiteboard confidently, safely and as quickly as possible. We achieve this with our team of experienced and IKO qualified instructors in a relaxed learning environment. Learning with Le Morne Kite School is not about just learning to kiteboard, its also about making great friends who all share a similar passion and love for kiteboarding. Whether you require lessons, rentals or just friends to ride with, come and see us, we look forward to meeting you. 

With its on shore winds and shallow water, kite lagoon is one of the best and safest spots in the world to learn how to kiteboard. The huge lagoon provides a shallow and safe environment and allows downwind glides to Le Morne in the steady South easterly winds which are accentuated by the landscape to blow strong and consistently. The focal point of kiteboarding in Mauritius is Le Morne. This fabulous lagoon which is protected by a beautiful reef is an area made for kiteboarding.  With shallow flat waters, it is ideal for beginner to advanced riders who are looking to excel in freeriding and wake style.  If you are  wanting to push your limits while kiteboarding in Mauritius, Kite Lagoon is where you want to be.

Check on www.lemornekiteschool.com for more details.

Location: Le Morne Mauritius