Nomad Kite school

Nomad Kite school

Owner: Polina

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Kite school

Our purpose is to make you discover kitesurf in a friendly atmosphere,  learning kitesurf is above all a moment of pleasure during which each one progresses at the rate of its experiments on water. All our energy and our knowledges are mobilized to make you share the unique moments which are first navigations and pure sensations you feel !

Based in extreme South west of Mauritius on Le Morne's peninsula, Nomad kite school is opened ALL THE YEAR

  Mauritius is situated in Indian Ocean just over Capricorn tropic, at 900 kms east of Madagascar and is part from archipelago of Mascareignes, in the name of the Portugues sailor  Pedro Mascarenhas who investigated them. Surrounded with a magnificent coral reef, Mauritius is a real paradise for all water sports and more particularly  kitesurf.

 The trade wind, the wind which comes from the southeast moderates the tropical climate of the island and blow regulary  from 12 to 25 knots.

 The various spots offer a varied practice of kitesurfing, shallow and flat waters in the lagoon for the discovery and improvement, waves along the coral reef offer a vast playground to the most advanced.

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Location: Le Morne Mauritius