High As A Kite

High As A Kite

Owner: Polina

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Kite school

Gord Campbell operates High As A Kite Kiteboarding. The company was started in Calgary in 2001 by Dusty Wilson and Gord, two professional freestyle ski coaches. When they weren’t working with elite athletes teaching them to flip and twist, they were on the water somewhere. Both shared a passion for the water, and were avid windsurfers spending as much time in Maui as possible.

It was in Maui that they saw Kiteboarding in its infancy and were instantly attracted to its potential. The fun soon began! First off they had to teach themselves. The stories from those early days could fill a book. As Gord says “ It took me 3 years, to get to where my students are now in 3 weeks.”

Kiteboarding is an incredible sport. You can take it to what ever level you wish. Every time the wind blows you will want to be out kiting! Like all great sports the socializing and storytelling after a great day are almost as much fun as the sport itself. Kiteboarding will open up a whole new world of fun for you.

Check out  www.highasakite.ca for details.

Location: Keho Lake