Kiteboarding School Maui

Kiteboarding School Maui

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Kite school

When it comes to kiteboarding lesson Maui KSM has some of the best, most dedicated and passionate kiteboarding coaches/instructors in the world many of which are trained and registered with International Kiteboarding Organization.  The KSM team's primary goals in every kiteboarding lesson, are to help reduce the frustration level of learning kiteboarding and to accelerate the learning curve. To help achieve these goals, all of KSM's kiteboarding lessons offer one-on-one instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. This arrangement, which has proven extremely successful, allows instructors to tailor each kiteboarding lesson to individual learning rates and needs. As a result, KSM students become independent kiteboarders more quickly and safely making kiteboarding lessons Maui an experience of a life time.

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Location: Maui