Isla Kiteboarding

Isla Kiteboarding

Owner: Polina

Group members: 1

Kite school and shop

Kitesurfing lessons are held by experienced IKO Instructors using the latest equipment from F-one. Instructors use ‘buddy-system’ teaching. Two students are always learning with one kite and one board. While one student is learning, the other can help and secure. Using this system, students have more time to learn the importance of safety and at the same time get the experience needed to fulfill the performance requirements.      You also have the possibility to take 1 to 1 private lesson with one instructor for even faster progress.

No matter which course the student enrolls in, at the end of the day, they will receive an International license with IKO level that is recognized all over the world.

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Location: Boracay Island Bolabog