Italy: Revision


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Nestled amongst the Tyrrhenian, Mediterranean, Adriatic and Ionian seas, Italy’s boot shaped peninsula, coupled with the big islands of Sicily and Sardinia, offers visitors an amazing kiteboarding experience.
With coastlines spanning more than 5,000 miles and large lakes, Italy provides sunshine almost all year long, but it also delivers dry/hot summers with cool, crisp sea breezes. Exotic is the only way to explain this Italian coastline atmosphere! If the weather wasn’t enough, the beaches of Italy are amongst the most visited beaches in the world due to the residents’ ultimate standards of cleanliness. These beautiful, pristine beaches are ready for the entire family and for amazing kiteboarding experience!
Italy is a gem amongst kiteboarding destinations. Italy offers a variety of wind conditions from 11-30 knots and a wide array of temperature ranges allowing riders to wear board shorts or wet suits in the same day. This diversity not only fits the needs of more water lovers, it allows riders of all levels to learn and experience kiteboarding adventures


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